Hiconnex further expands its presence in the African market

After establishing itself as a global player in the aerospace and defence sectors, interconnect systems specialist Hiconnex has embarked on a strategy of diversification, on which it aims to be a partner of choice for companies needing interconnect solutions.

Being an agent for some of the leading suppliers in the world, combined with in-house system engineering capabilities makes Hiconnex a one stop partner for military, aerospace and industrial requirements for connectors and custom interconnect solutions. This includes partners in Africa, especially those developing their own armoured vehicles. Hiconnex is ideally positioned to assist with these projects.

Hiconnex does not just supply components – it provides complete turnkey solutions, from design to manufacture. It offers project management of subsystems: anything electrical and electronics-focussed can be managed from start to finish.

Whilst Hiconnex in the past mainly supplied cables and connectors for the landward industry, around half its business now comes from this and the other half from the aerospace sector. Aerospace projects include UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and extensive work for the commercial aviation market, supplying aircraft maintenance companies – when aircraft are refurbished and maintained, wiring is often stripped out and needs to be completely replaced.

Components supplied by Hiconnex have ended up on some of the major airliners and fighter aircraft currently in service around the world.

Hiconnex supplies components and interconnect solutions for radio and radar systems. This includes customers in the military, aerospace, high-end industrial and commercial markets. With an innovative engineering team, they also design and manufacture hybrid cables – comprising of fibre, copper and coax cables. These cables are already deployed in various parts of the world.

The company’s on-site warehouse includes a large range of radio frequency connectors and coax cables, an average of 25 000 line items in stock of mil-spec wire, connectors and accessories and an extensive range of DSUB, Mil-Circular and PCB mount connectors. Apart from those listed above, other products include avionics connectors, flat ribbon cable, fibre optic cable, heat shrink tubing, micro D and nano connectors and rectangular multi-pin connectors. Hiconnex has the only specialised Connector Assembly facility licensed to assemble Mil-D38999 series III connectors and Mil-C 26482 II connector in Africa.

Hiconnex has a number of big agencies with overseas companies that manufacture everything from connectors to wires, coaxial cables etc. Suppliers include Alpha Wire, Axon Cables, Bedea Cables, Carlise IT, DSG CANUSA, Esterline (Souriau Mil-Aerospace), FCT/ Molex, Glenair, Nicomatic, Positronics, Radiall, and Staco Systems.

Hiconnex is the only company in South Africa with a qualified military-spec fibre optic lab that can manufacture custom solutions for clients. It was established in 2012 to support a local radio telescope project. The dedicated fibre lab gives Hiconnex a competitive advantage, especially as it is certified by Glenair and Radiall. The fibre lab focuses on military, aerospace, medical and mining fibre solutions. This includes services such as planning, manufacturing, testing and repairing fibre reworks.

The quality of Hiconnex’s work and its reputation has resulted in it establishing long-standing relationships with its customers, which include some of the biggest names in the industry such as Cobham (antennas), Hensoldt (gimbals), Aerosud, Paramount Advanced Technologies, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and Thales.

Hiconnex was established in 1983. It is a 100% black economic empowerment enterprise.

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