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Annah Makunye- Okowa is living proof of how far motivation and ambition can take you. She started her career as a cleaner and now forms part of a core function in the company as a Stores supervisor. Career development at Hiconnex starts from day one which was the case with Annah, three months into her cleaning role her potential was realised and she was promoted to join the stores team.

Annah shares how over the past 14 years Hiconnex has given her the opportunity and encouragement to thrive and grow in every way possible. Though she has spent more than a decade with the company, she has taken advantage of the learning opportunities provided by Hiconnex and now qualifies in a variety of courses such Stock Control, Applied Logistics, Supply Chain and Procurement. Today Annah encourages her team members and youth to take pride in their work and grab all the opportunities provided and further advance their own careers.

“I have always felt like my ideas and expertise are respected at Hiconnex. In my team, we all have different educational backgrounds and experiences and the diverse thinking proves to be beneficial in our working environment”   Hiconnex supports ongoing development of our employees as well as encouraging a joint effort between employees and the organisation for career planning and career development. We aim to create a platform where skills advancement and learning is prioritised.

Hiconnex believes in providing opportunities within which employees can grow and reach their full potential. Follow us on LinkedIn to learn more about who we are.

By Hiconnex – Marketing

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