Letters to Customers – COVID-19

Dear Valued Customer,

The World Health Organization has declared the Corona virus outbreak as a global pandemic. Given the scale and speed in which it is spreading, it is now clear that no one is immune to the disease. In support of President Ramaphosa’s declaration of COVID-19 as a national disaster and to safeguard all South Africans Hiconnex South Africa has intensified its coordinated response to help mitigate the spread.

All departments are implementing business continuity measures while adhering to the coordinated day to day requirements that help combat the spread to our employees, customers, suppliers and community.

We would like to indicate that some of our key suppliers in countries that are badly affected have been required by their local governments to restrictions which will have an impact in operations on some of their manufacturing plants. This means some of the goods that are scheduled to be shipped to Hiconnex might be delayed, however be assured that we will advise promptly well in advance should it affect doing business with you.

Useful resources that outline every apect of the virus:


Yours Faithfully,

Fanie Jansen
General Manager of Hiconnex

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