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  • Modular CAT7 inter-car-connection
    These modular connectors are particularly suitable for harsh environments, and have a high resistance to industrial vibration and an IP67 protection rating.
  • Digital link 40x faster than broadband Internet
    Axon’s AxoMach high-speed links were recently qualified by the European Space Agency to the ESCC 3409/001 standard, and are designed to transmit data at speeds of up to 40 Gbps for space applications.
  • Hiconnex announces new partnership
    With over 60 years of experience in the civil, military aeronautics, and space industries, Petercem offers robust solutions for position detection and human machine interfaces.
  • Personality Profile: Paul Eveleigh
    With a strong and experienced team behind him, he can put into practice what he has learned during his career and ultimately grow the company towards its strategic objectives.
  • Component and sensor interconnections
    Technical solutions from Axon Cable involve materials, design, and quality control during the connector manufacturing process.
  • Hermetically sealed connectors
    Invented by Glenair, CODE RED is an innovative sealing encapsulant and application process that provides durable hermetic sealing in a lightweight aluminium package.
  • New testing laboratory for Hi-Rel products
    As part of its design and development process for rugged, harsh environment and high-reliability (Hi-Rel) applications, Nicomatic subjects its products to stringent environmental, mechanical and electrical tests to ensure that they meet complex industry standards and specifications.
  • Hiconnex an official distribution partner for Peters Indu-Produkt
    The partnership between the two companies allows Hiconnex to expand its product range by offering the full suite of Peters Indu-Produkt’s connector solutions to its customers.
  • Robust interfaces for inter-car jumpers
    HARTING is expanding its wide-ranging portfolio for railway applications with both two interfaces according to UIC 558, and an additional solution with 22 pins and a PE for inter-car jumpers.
  • A new space switch for satellite applications
    With the new Quartz-S from Radiall, satellite manufacturers can now secure a robust architecture with redundancy rings, while saving weight, having more compact systems, and reducing the final BoM.